What to expect during & after your Wedding Day

Bridal Prep

During bridal prep, we’ll introduce ourselves and get chatting to you all! We like to get to know you all first, as this makes being in front of the camera less daunting. We’ll capture the moments as they happen naturally, whether it’s pouring prosecco, laughing, gift giving and lots of hugs! It can be a bit nerve-racking being filmed and in front of the camera, so we always say “Ignore us and act as if we’re not here!” It results in the best natural footage.

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Groom Prep

Same as bridal prep, we’ll get chatting to you beforehand and as you’re getting ready, we’ll capture the moments as naturally as possible.

Ceremony & Getting mic’d up!

Depending on the layout of the church/venue – the options of where we can set up and film coverage, will vary from wedding to wedding. Some officiants are a bit particular about where we can and can’t stand during the ceremony so this is something you should discuss with them and let us know! We always have a quick chat with them on the day, to let them know we are unobtrusive and low-key.

One of the best reasons about getting a wedding film is the audio! 20 years down the line, you’ll remember you laughed A LOT, but you probably won’t remember what was said, and that’s where fantastic audio of the ceremony, vows & speeches come in!

About 10 minutes before the ceremony is due to start, we’ll attach a small discreet mic to the grooms lapel, with the recorder sitting in an inside pocket. This is to capture the clearest sound, so if you say your vows quietly, we can still bring them into the film.

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Formal Photos

Usually your photographer will take the reigns during this part of the day. We like to capture the moments during this as well – people chatting, laughing and hugs and kisses between family & friends!

Couple time!

While your guests are relaxing, you’ll definitely want some alone time with each other! We like to work alongside your photographer in capturing lovely moment between you two.

We’ll take 5-10 minutes towards the end to get you moments of movement, as these moments look amazing on the screen. This can include slow dancing, walking or letting your veil blow in the wind!


Before your wedding day, we’ll ask you what time you are aiming to start speeches. Whether this is before or after your meal, this gives us plenty of time to chat to the best man, father of the bride and anyone else who is saying a few words. We like to check if you will be using a microphone and where you will be standing.

During speeches, we understand it can be nerve-racking! We encourage the speakers to stand and stay in one spot and it’s always a bonus if there is a mic handy, either provided by the venue or DJ, as we set up various mics discreetly around the room and close to the action, to capture the best stories and laughs!

If there are any surprises planned, do let us know!

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First Dance/Cake cutting/Bouquet toss

Cake cutting and bouquet tosses are great moments to capture! Do let us know if you plan on doing these or if you have any other traditions in mind, that you’d like capturing.

When it comes to your first dance, RELAX! Take your time – it will go by so quickly! We’ll ask that you dance by yourselves for at least 30 seconds before you ask guests to join in for the rest of the dancing!

We like to stay for 10-15min after first dances to capture the guests dancing – encourage them to go wild, as we always make dance compilations at the end of each year from all our weddings!

After the wedding day

WOOP! Get those feet up, and relax!

We start the editing process a few days after your wedding and this process can take up to 6-8 weeks (sometimes longer during peak wedding season) but we always keep you up to date with the progress!

We don’t rush. We take our time, finding those special moments of your day and curating a 20-30 min film. This brings us onto the music:

Music selection

While we start editing, we encourage you to take a look over at Soundstripe and The Music Bed, where you will find a wide variety of great music that we are licensed to use for private online viewing. To speed this process along, we ask for your music choices in the booking form, but we double check your choices after your wedding also.

You can search by genre, mood and instrument. Some popular choices are; cinematic, romantic, and folk, and it’s entirely up to you whether you would like lyrics or instrumental.

We usually say between 3-5 min is a good length for a song, and this is roughly how long your film will be.

You can sign up for free to listen to full songs, rather than 30-second previews.

Once your highlight film is ready, we’ll email to ask when you next will be together for the evening. Get a glass of something nice and enjoy! We also email ahead when your longer film is ready, so you’re both at home!










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