Why we don't provide RAW footage

Why we don’t provide RAW footage 

We sometimes get couples asking us for raw footage and this is something we don’t provide! Why not? Usually when we explain what raw footage actually is, couples realise it’s not something that they need — it’s not the kind of thing you can just sit back, relax and watch:

An average wedding we film, we end up with 15 or more hours of footage and because we shoot with editing in mind, we don’t have a camera sitting somewhere doing a single long take — we shoot in short clips throughout the entire day, and many clips are as short as 5 seconds. Each wedding for example, we have about 800-1100 individual clips.

We shoot on a number of professional-grade video cameras during weddings and also record on different sound sources to ensure the best quality sound. After the wedding, the audio and video has to be synced in editing software to match everything up. Then the synced footage has to be cut together to show the angles from the various cameras. The footage then has to be colour corrected to match cameras and then colour graded to give it the look we are aiming for!

We shoot from multiple cameras and edit these angles together is to create the most engaging and cinematic film that we can. However, unlike a film set, on a wedding day we have no control over your guests! During a ceremony, one or more of the cameras will almost always become temporarily useless due to, for example, the wedding photographer (or guest with iPhone) standing in front of it. So editing is necessary (plus we also love it!)

If you want to see more of your wedding beyond your film, we can create some additional films for you of your full ceremony, full speeches or any other wedding events you’d like to see in their entirety.

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